Hamilton Piano Studio’s

2020 Music Festival
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Festival Details

What is the H.P.S. Music Festival?
This is a semi-formal, virtual event which we are offering to our students of all ages and all levels.

What should the student expect?
Students are expected to be well prepared, well dressed, and submit a recording of one piece to be evaluated by our staff who will suggest ways to improve and evaluate the student’s performance using the California Music Educator’s Association standards.

What will the adjudicators be evaluating?

  • Tone (beauty/control)
  • Technique (finger dexterity, note accuracy, precision, use of pedals)
  • Interpretation (contrast, mood, phrasing, rhythm, style, tempo)
  • Musical Effect (artistry, fluency)
  • Other Factors (choice of music, stage presence, appearance)
  • Rating: Superior, Excellent, Good/Average, Fair, Needs improvement

Festival Guidelines

When is the last day to submit a recording?
May 1.

Can I use my phone or tablet to upload?
Yes! We want this to be as easy as possible.

Landscape or Portrait?
Landscape please. For consistency, we are asking for everyone to record in landscape mode (a.k.a. widescreen).

What do I need to upload?
Two things: A video recording of the student performance and a picture of the music

What does the student need to say?
At the start of the video recording, please state your name and the title of the piece you are performing

Does music need to be memorized?
Nope. Music should be well-played but does NOT need to be memorized.

What should the student wear?
The universal norm for performance attire is “well-dressed.” Nice pants and dress shirt; a skirt or dress (at least knee-length), and dress shoes. Jeans and tee shirts are not acceptable due to their informal appearance.

How do I submit a recording?
After you have a recording that you like, you may visit this page, click “Add Files” and select the video you would like to submit. Please wait until you see the word “Success” to know that we have received your submission.

When should I expect to the results?
You should expect to receive the results by May 16.

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