Recital Guidelines

  1. Participation in student recitals is encouraged but not required.
  2. Recital attire: Hamilton Piano Studio is committed to all aspects of classical performance education including teaching our students what to wear when performing. The universal norm for recital attire is “well-dressed.” Nice pants and dress shirt; a skirt or dress (at least knee-length), and dress shoes. Jeans and tee shirts are not acceptable due to their informal appearance.
  3. The studio always holds a Master Class the week of each Recital.  Attendance of an entire Master Class is mandatory for participation in the Recital.  The Master Class is structured as a low-anxiety teaching environment, thus only teachers and students may attend.  However, parents are welcome to observe from the lobby.  The Master Class is specifically designed to teach performance technique, how to overcome performance anxiety, as well as concert etiquette. The Master Class gives the teacher and student one last opportunity to determine if the student is musically and emotionally ready for the recital. We want each performance to be a positive experience for the pupil and a step forward in musical growth but there are the occasions when postponing a performance is in the best interest of the student. The students gain confidence when they know that they can trust their teacher to be honest and forthright about their readiness.
  4. There are no regularly scheduled lessons the week of the Master Class and the week after the Recital.  The Master Class & Recital are the instruction for that period.


Tips for choosing recital attire
Remember that when dressing for a piano recital, you’re dressing to perform. As pianist Frances Wilson perfectly stated, “We need clothes which allow freedom of movement, which do not distract us when we play (there is nothing worse than a tickly label or zip), which look good when we stand to take a bow and when we are seated at the piano.” Our bodies move as we perform and our clothing should cooperate easily with these movements.
In order to avoid a wardrobe mishap, we highly recommend that you practice in your recital clothes (including shoes and jewelry) at least once before the performance. Avoid loose fitting/noisy jewelry, high heels (they’re difficult to bow in and make piano pedaling a nightmare), and consider wearing long hair pulled back so that it doesn’t obstruct vision. You want to feel at ease with your attire and able to focus on your art. 

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