Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer in-home lessons where the teacher comes to us?

Yes! In-home lessons are a popular option for busy families. They are offered upon request and are subject to availability.

How long does it take to learn to play the piano?

Think of music like learning a foreign language. You’ll be playing simple pieces right away but it takes a little time to become “fluent.” How much time you put into it can really help. But if you have your heart set on a complicated Beethoven Sonata … that can take years.

How much do lessons cost?

30 minute lesson 
$100 per month at teacher’s home.
$120 per month at student’s home. (Visalia/Tulare/Exeter)

45 minute lesson
$150 per month at teacher’s home.
$180 per month at student’s home. (Visalia, Tulare, Exeter)

*Lessons meet four times per month

How much practice is needed?

A good rule of thumb for young children is one to three minutes per year of age. So a 4 year old can be expected to practice 4-12 minutes a day. And as any mother will tell you, the child will let you know when it’s time to stop! For older students, practice should fit the life of your family & their learning style. Some people benefit from setting a timer and practicing 30-60 minutes a day … or possibly longer for highly advanced students. Others prefer sitting down multiple times a day for goal oriented practice. (Ex. I’m going to give 5 minutes to getting the notes mastered in measures 1-4 and this afternoon I’ll tackle the rhythm until I’ve got it done). Your teacher can help you figure out what practice style best suits you!

What ages do you teach?

We teach students from age four to seniors! There’s a new trend in empty-nesters & retirees starting lessons and having a blast developing a new skill to enjoy into their senior years!

What if I miss a lesson?

Music lessons are just like a gym membership or dance lessons. You pay whether you make it or not. Due to the complexity of scheduling private lessons, refunds are not available. However, if you let us know by 5:00 pm the evening before, we will bend over backward to find a make-up time. We LOVE teaching and want to see our students as much as possible!

What method do you use?

Our teachers are classically trained musicians who are skilled at using a variety of methods based on the needs of each student. Our goal is to offer a well-rounded music education which includes all aspects of musicianship: technique, phrasing, interpretation, note-reading, theory, expression, performance technique, concert etiquette, and music covering all the historical musical periods from new releases (movie themes, video games, anime, pop, etc.) to Baroque, Classical, Romantic, French Impressionism, and 20th century.

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