2020 H.P.S. Music Festival
A studio wide virtual festival

Evaluation Results
These students were individually evaluated based on their age and standards used by the C.M.E.A.
A festival is not a competition but rather a formal evaluation by an adjudicator.
Students names are alphabetically listed by last name.

Congratulations to each of our students! We’re proud of your hard work and dedication.


Superior Plus
Skylar Ford


Elise Allemania
Savannah Gates

Landen Krueger
Allyse Mabs
Aidan MacFarlane

Caleb Newman
Evelynn Newman

Savannah Silva
Christopher Vazquez


Betty Berk
Maizie Freeman
Jake Rip
Luke Rip
Sidney Silva
Shane Silva
Charles Sorber
Allison Vazquez


Very Good
Sophia Newman

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