Hamilton Piano Studio’s

Virtual Community Performance
Our amazing students sharing music with our local assisted living homes


Want to share your music?
Upload a video of your student


Please allow 24 hours for publishing.
Videos will be updated Mon-Thur.
You’ll know we’ve received your file when you see the word “success”.

Recording Tips

1. Smile. They’re contagious! 🙂 And giggles are great.
2. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Leave perfection to the professionals.
3. Don’t expect a “good recording” the first time. (Or even the fifth . . . or sixth)

More Details

What is a virtual community performance?
This is a special service that we offer our students and local assisted living homes. Students are able to record their pieces from home and upload them to this page to share with others. This has the triple goal of providing a performance opportunity for our students, bringing a smile to our senior community while keeping everyone healthy.

Can I use my phone or tablet to upload?
Yes! We want this to be as easy as possible.

How long should the piece be?
Shorter is better. Under 2 minutes is great! 🙂

Should I record multiple songs in one video?
No. Please record one song per video. You may upload as many videos as you would like.

Landscape or Portrait?
Landscape please. For consistency, we are asking for everyone to record in landscape mode (a.k.a. widescreen).

Does music need to be memorized?
Music should be well-played but does NOT need to be memorized.

What should the student wear?
Students may dress as formal, casual or as silly as they would like! This is meant to be a fun.

What events are coming?

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