Performance Workshop

This exciting yet practical workshop has been specifically designed to teach kids performance technique, how to overcome performance anxiety, and classical concert etiquette.  Each workshop is thoughtfully structured as a low-anxiety teaching environment; thus only teachers and students may attend.  Parents are welcome to observe from the lobby.

  1. Participation in Performance Workshops is encouraged but not required.
  2. There is a registration fee for the Performance Workshop to help offset the cost of the venue, student snacks, teaching materials, and other event expenses.
  3. Attendance of an entire Performance Workshop is a prerequisite for performing in the Recital.
  4. For students who participate, there are no regularly scheduled lessons the week of the Performance Workshop nor the week after the Recital. These events are a valuable part of classical performance lessons and are the instruction for that period.

For students who are interested in performing in the Recital, the Performance Workshop gives the teacher and student one last opportunity to determine if the student is musically and emotionally ready to perform.  It is one of our greatest and most sincere desires that each performance be a positive experience for the student and a step forward in musical growth. For these reasons, there are occasions when postponing a performance is in the best interest of the student. Students and parents gain confidence when they know that they can trust their teacher to be honest and forthright about their performance readiness.

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